What Can I Do if I Am a Domestic Violence Victim in NJ?

There is nothing worse than feeling unsafe in your own home, though unfortunately, countless people find themselves in these situations every single day in New Jersey. Victims of domestic violence are afforded various rights and protections under the law, including under the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. Please continue reading and speak with […]

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Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey | What You Should Know

Divorce is a life-altering decision. Once you get divorced, your life is bound to change significantly in the months and years that follow. For this reason, courts in New Jersey will sometimes allow divorced spouses to request post-judgment modifications to help their initial settlement agreement to more accurately fit their current situation in life. Please […]

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Is it Illegal to Hide Assets from a Divorce in New Jersey?

Divorce is always complicated. One of the most complicated facets of a divorce is splitting up financial assets, especially if a couple doesn’t have a pre or postnuptial agreement in place. Unfortunately, many spouses will make the process even more complicated by trying to hide or conceal assets from their spouses. Please continue reading and […]

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