What Happens if I am Charged With Reckless Driving in NJ?

Many people assume that traffic infractions and moving violations aren’t particularly damaging. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case, especially if you’ve been charged with reckless driving. Texting while driving, excessively speeding, or driving while intoxicated may all warrant reckless driving charges. If you are currently facing such charges, you need our knowledgeable Hackensack criminal […]

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It’s Official: New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana for Recreational Use

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed three bills on March 1, 2021, that officially kickstarted the recreational marijuana industry in New Jersey. The passing of this legislation was hard-fought, and though there was substantial opposition, the bills legalizing the recreational use of marijuana for people over the age of 21 in New Jersey were signed […]

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