Can a Criminal Record Prevent Me from Getting a Job?

There are few things worse than being convicted of a crime. Most crimes, especially more serious ones, warrant a wide array of penalties, such as jail time, high fines, and more. These penalties can impact a person’s life in multiple ways for a long time. Financial setbacks and years behind bars certainly are no small thing. That said, for many, the real punishment of a criminal conviction is developing a criminal record. One of the most common questions asked by those convicted of crimes is “can I still get a job with a criminal record?” Please continue reading and speak with our Hackensack criminal law attorneys to learn more.

Can a Criminal Record Prevent Me from Getting a Job?

Can I get a job with a criminal record?

Though you may be able to get certain jobs with a criminal record, you’ll find that your prospects will be significantly limited. This is because in most cases, employers will conduct background checks and require you to check “yes” on your application when asked if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. Typically, when an employer sees an individual has a criminal record, unless the employer is sympathetic, he or she will likely pass on the potential employee and hire someone with a clean record instead.

What are the other consequences of having a criminal record?

Unfortunately, there are a wide array of additional burdens imposed by having a criminal record, including the following:

  • You may lose your right to possess a firearm
  • You may lose your right to custody of your children if you’re a divorced parent
  • You may lose your driver’s license if you were convicted of a DUI
  • You may find it difficult to get housing
  • You may have to register as a sex offender if convicted of a sex offense
  • You may find it difficult to secure certain loans
  • If you’re an immigrant/non-citizen, a criminal conviction may even warrant your deportation from the country

All of these penalties are serious, which is why it’s so important you hire an attorney who can fight your charges from the start in an effort to prevent you from developing a criminal record altogether. If you’ve been charged with a crime, turn to Aronsohn, Weiner, Salerno & Kaufman today. We are prepared to fight for you and your rights, every step of the way.

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