2020 New Jersey Divorce Trends

As times change, so does society. Therefore, as society changes, so do the nature of marriage and divorce. Please read on and reach out to our experienced New Jersey family law attorneys to learn more about the most prevalent 2020 divorce trends:

2020 New Jersey Divorce Trends

  • More people over the age of 50 are getting divorced. This is a trend many attorneys struggle to fully explain, as generally, couples around this age are getting ready to embrace their golden years. This seemingly is the case less and less nowadays, and unfortunately, these divorces are oftentimes more complex than other “younger” divorces. For example, these couples generally have more marital assets, which will now have to enter the equitable distribution process. Additionally, these couples very often must revisit their estate plans as well.
  • Child custody is not immediately awarded to the mother. Since more and more women are taking on full-time jobs in today’s day and age, child custody is very often split closer to 50/50. Though this is great news for fathers, it does make child custody battles far more complicated for mothers.
  • Social media is contributing more and more to alimony and child support terms. Though this trend is interesting, it certainly is not all that surprising. For example, say a spouse claims he or she requires alimony or child support after a divorce. However, that spouse recently took an expensive vacation and posts it online. If the opposing spouse sees this, he or she may use it as “proof” that the spouse does not truly need support payments. Though this may not be true, it certainly does not help the allegedly dependent spouse’s case.
  • Despite more contentious divorces, more and more people are choosing mediation over litigation. While many attorneys have noticed divorces becoming more and more hostile, they have also noticed that many couples are now preferring divorce mediation to litigation. Mediation offers spouses a civil, neutral, out-of-the-courtroom setting, that is often far more appealing to hashing out their differences in a courtroom in front of a judge. If you need a compassionate, skillful divorce mediator, look no further.

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