Creating a Parenting Time Plan in the Midst of the New Coronavirus

There is nothing more important to a parent than their child. That is why if you are a divorced co-parent, you are most likely very concerned about creating a workable parenting time plan in the wake of COVID-19. Keep in mind that to create a successful temporary plan with your former spouse, you will have to cooperate. If you can both openly and honestly communicate with one another, you may establish a temporary parenting time plan in a matter of hours. Below, our experienced New Jersey family law attorneys have included a short list containing some useful tips for creating a temporary parenting time plan that works for both of you. Please continue reading to learn more.

Creating a Parenting Time Plan in the Midst of the New Coronavirus

  • Nobody wants to imagine catching the virus, however, you must plan for the worst. If you or your former spouse contract the virus, where will you be quarantined? Where will your children stay? These are all key aspects of a comprehensive plan that you must discuss.
  • From here, you and your former spouse should create a working list of places where you may not take your child during the outbreak. For example, any town or area that is known to have a large amount of COVID-19 cases should be off-limits.
  • Next, ensure you and your former spouse are receiving up-to-date information from the CDC, World Health Organization, and other reputable sources on the virus.
  • Finally, if you and your spouse cannot initially agree on a plan, reach out to one of our experienced New Jersey mediators who can act as an unbiased third party and help you craft a temporary parenting time plan that works for you, your former spouse, and, most importantly, your children.

We are living in turbulent times, which is why you, as a parent, must do your part to ensure you and your child’s safety. If you have any additional family law concerns, please do not hesitate to call our compassionate New Jersey firm today.

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