What You Should Know About Parental Alienation in New Jersey

When parents decide to end their marriage, their goal should be to ensure that the children maintain relationships with both parents. Fortunately, many spouses can agree to put their differences aside, share child custody, and always act in their child’s best interests. However, this is not always the case, and oftentimes one parent will continue to try and influence the way their child views the other parent. If you believe your spouse is trying to negatively shape the way your child sees you, you and your child are most likely victims of what is known as parental alienation.

What You Should Know About Parental Alienation in New Jersey

Parental alienation comes in many forms. In some cases, one parent will make passive verbal insults about the other parent. In other cases, one parent will outright badmouth the other parent to the child constantly. The bottom line is that no matter how it is done, parental alienation is a form of manipulation, and it is always wrong. Most experts will tell you that the psychological effects of parental alienation are very serious, and often lead to childhood trauma that can last for a lifetime. If you believe you and your child are victims of parental alienation, you are most likely looking to put a stop to it as soon as you can. Please continue reading and speak with our New Jersey family law attorneys to learn more about how we can assist you and your child.

How Our Firm Can Help Stop Parental Alienation

Our attorneys will fight to protect and/or rebuild the relationship between you and your child. Additionally, you may be able to request a post-divorce modification regarding your child custody terms. Since every situation is different, you will need an experienced family law attorney who can analyze each aspect of your case and determine the best route forward. Aronsohn, Weiner, Salerno & Kaufman is here to help.

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