Prenuptial Agreement Myths | What You Should Know

To many, marriage is the most exciting chapter of life. However, marriage also comes with its fair share of responsibilities, and both spouses will have to work together in order for the marriage to be successful. Though it may seem counterintuitive, you can start your marriage off the right way by drafting a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse. As long as you are not yet married, you are eligible to draft such an agreement, and this agreement can benefit you greatly in the long run. Unfortunately, there are various myths and a certain stigma associated with prenuptial agreements, which is why our Bergen County family law attorneys are here to dispel those myths. Please continue reading and reach out to our firm to learn more.

Prenuptial Agreement Myths | What You Should Know

  • Prenuptial agreements are only for those with a significant amount of wealth. Entirely false. Prenuptial agreements are for anyone and everyone who has any amount of assets and/or wishes to predetermine a potential alimony structure, preserve inheritances, and more.
  • Prenuptial agreements are expensive. If you hire a lawyer to draft your prenuptial agreement, as you should, you will have to pay a fee to have your agreement prepared. However, this fee is a minor in comparison to what you could potentially lose should you get divorced without a prenuptial agreement in place. Further, a prenuptial agreement will allow a potential divorce to move along as swiftly as possible, often saving both spouses time, money, and serious headaches down the line.
  • A prenuptial agreement can hurt your marriage. Perhaps the main reason couples decide not to draft prenuptial agreements is that they believe it may demonstrate distrust, hurt their marriage, or otherwise set the marriage up for failure. This is simply not the case. While a prenuptial agreement may not be particularly romantic, the truth is, many couples are now seeing it for what it is: a practical agreement designed to make life easier, should the worst happen at some point.

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