Why Should I Avoid Social Media During My Divorce?

In today’s day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to post virtually all aspects of their lives on social media. Between posting pictures of meals at restaurants, family vacations, or even a night at a bar, people are always posting on social media. That said, when undergoing a significant life change, such as a divorce, it’s only natural for some people to wish to post about it on social media, whether to vent or even just to let others know what they’re going through. Unfortunately, doing so may just be the biggest mistake you could make. Please continue reading and reach out to a Bergen County divorce lawyer from our firm to learn more about why you should avoid social media during the divorce process.

Why Should I Avoid Social Media During My Divorce?

Reasons to Avoid Social Media During a Divorce

The first thing you must understand is that anything you post on social media, and, in some cases, even private forms of communication, such as calls or texts, can be used as evidence in a courtroom setting. For example, if you admit to some sort of wrongdoing that caused your divorce over text, or you threaten your spouse over text, they’ll likely use those messages in court to gain leverage over you. The same is true with social media. If you trash talk your ex, regardless of if they truly deserve it, judges will see this and it may affect the results of your case, particularly in cases of contentious custody disputes or when there are allegations of parental alienation.

You should also note that sometimes, even seemingly innocent posts, such as you having a drink with your friends one night, can be turned against you in court. For example, if you’re seeking child custody but have several pictures of you drinking on your social media, your spouse could potentially argue that you have a drinking problem and are not qualified to have custody, submitting those posts to support her argument. In other cases, if you post pictures of vacations or large purchases while seeking spousal support, your spouse could potentially allege that you’re concealing assets or that you don’t have any true need for support after your divorce is finalized.

These are just some of the various reasons why you should simply stay away from social media until your divorce is resolved. If you have any questions about the process ahead or need an attorney you can depend on, give us a call today.

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