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Mediation is becoming one of the more popular alternatives to amicably and expeditiously resolve a pending divorce action and all related financial and child-related issues. When avoiding the pitfalls of a court battle, couples can save time, money, and a lot of emotional turmoil. No divorce is painless, but when a couple can set aside their emotions and work towards a common goal, they are often happier with the results. If you are interested in exploring mediation or you and your spouse have agreed to engage in the process, you’ve come to the right place. Richard H. Weiner, Esq. and Barry L. Kaufman, Esq. are frequently appointed to serve in leadership positions as mediators and arbitrators in a wide range of family law and business-related matters. Contact Aronsohn Weiner Salerno & Kaufman P.C. for a consultation to discuss how our mediators can help you transition to a better situation.

Bergen County Mediators & Arbitrators

Mediation Comes with Many Benefits

Through a constructive and respectful negotiation with the help of a mediator, all of these issues and more can be resolved in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. When a couple concludes the mediation process, they are often more satisfied with the results than if they entered a courtroom to resolve the matter. There are many benefits of mediation and couples should strongly consider this as an alternative to litigation if the situation allows.

  • Control: Mediation allows couples to have control over their future. When divorcing spouses can come to an agreement outside of court, the results are more often easier to bear. When a court decides on matters, including property division, alimony, child support, and child custody, couples often find the judgment to be unfair and arbitrary. Mediation allows for couples to work through their issues, tailored to their specific situation.
  • Confidentiality: Mediation is confidential and private. Mediation allows for couples to avoid airing their dirty laundry in a public forum. The negotiation process is confidential. Statements and communications may not be used in other forums unless agreed upon in writing or mandated by the court. This allows for an open and honest conversation that should more easily lead to an amicable conclusion.
  • Efficiency: One of the most impressive benefits of mediation is how quickly the process can be concluded. The process can begin within days of the initial meeting and successful mediation can address and resolve relevant issues within months. Depending on the number of contested issues, couples will often wait longer to receive the Final Judgment of Divorce than it takes to negotiate the issues.
  • Cost: Mediation is much cheaper than litigation. As a contested court case continues, attorney fees and court costs rise. When divorces become more complicated and complex, discovery alone can cost the couple precious money that would be better spent elsewhere. Discovery is a process that takes a lot of time and resources to complete. Attorneys will bill each spouse for the time spent. If you believe that you can work through your issues in order to save time and money, you should consider the process of mediation.
  • Choice: When couples choose to engage in the process of mediation, they are more open to resolving the issues. They have decided to avoid a drawn-out, emotionally charged court battle in exchange for a constructive negotiation process with a common goal. The process can be over in a few visits. When a couple has decided that the process is in their best interests, they are more likely to give in and engage each other respectfully and productively, making mediation a success.

Divorce Arbitration

Mediation is not the only form of alternative dispute resolution available to couples thinking about divorce. Arbitration is another possible method for resolving disputes that is a common alternative to getting divorced through the traditional court system. Those involved can agree to refer any potential disputes to an arbitrator of their choosing. For the most part, the arbitrator’s decision will be final and binding upon the parties. Litigation in the traditional courtroom setting can be costly and time-consuming. To avoid these costs, parties often choose to use the alternative venue of arbitration or alternative dispute resolution. Richard H. Weiner, Esq. and Barry L. Kaufman, Esq. are well versed in guiding clients through the arbitration process and can assist you with any business or family-related arbitration needs.

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Aronsohn Weiner Salerno & Kaufman P.C. is proud to serve couples who are interested in the processes of mediation or arbitration. Our firm has years of experience guiding couples through a productive negotiation so they may save money, time, and move on towards a better life. If you are interested in the process, contact Aronsohn Weiner Salerno & Kaufman P.C. for a consultation.