COVID-19 Announcement Regarding Office Operations

Dear Clients and Friends,

We are all concerned, first and foremost, for the health and safety of our employees, clients and their families. In addition, many will be facing significant disruptions to their businesses. Please be assured that AWS&K is, and will remain, fully available to assist its clients and to continue to represent and defend their interests, without interruption.

Like everyone else, we will be working somewhat differently in the coming weeks, but we are fully operational. Our remote systems are seamless and allow our attorneys to work remotely from any location. All attorneys will remain available by email, or cell phone, or by contacting our office’s main telephone number (201) 487-4747, which will forward calls to our attorneys.

Our commitment to continuing to provide quality legal services to our clients remains paramount to us during this pandemic.

If you have any questions about the many legal issues that are arising as this crisis develops, please call us.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. Wishing you and your families good health during this difficult time.

UPDATE: If your law firm or small business has been economically impacted by COVID-19, please continue reading:

Richard H. Weiner, Esq. was recently featured on a webinar panel of well-respected accountants and attorneys, where they discuss how law firms and small businesses can stay afloat during this unprecedented time. Among other things, Attorney Weiner talks about various economic issues brought on by the new coronavirus, including the rapidly-evolving regulations surrounding forgivable loans, as well as the new Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses. Simply click below to watch Attorney Weiner impart his extensive experience in the field.